In Canada, law itself is privately owned. As outlined in Deep 6 Diaries, under Canada’s Manson’s Law, whomever holds copyright assignment for the text of law owns that law privately and can invoice for each use of their privately-owned laws.

There are only two known holders of copyright assignment for Canadian laws; the civil service and PS Knight. Both have invoiced governments for use of their laws. While civil service invoicing has all been paid, only a handful of PS Knight invoicing has been paid. Indeed, the outstanding balance owed by Canada is over $5.6 billion USD.
In Canada, contracted collections without registration, even against government, are legal. As noted in Deep 6 Diaries, PS Knight may issue collections contracts to the public, “offering anyone with a taste for adventure and a desire to be wealthy the chance to collect” on the balances owing, within the surprising flexibility of Canadian law.
Expect collections contracts during 2023. Interested parties may sign up for collections notifications below.
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